Jerry Anderson, CCIM, serves as the Executive Managing Director of SVN Florida. As the pioneer in 2008 of the first regional/area developer agreement awarded by SVN International, Anderson is responsible for the growth and cohesive unification of the company in Florida by strategically identifying key markets, companies, and Advisors. Anderson was the president of the Sperry Van Ness(now SVN) National Advisor Organization and then was president and chief operating officer of SVN International. During Anderson’s 5 year tenure the company grew from 300 Advisors to more than 950 and expanded its footprint internationally and into the Institutional arena.

Prior to joining SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors in 2003, Anderson served as the president of Coldwell Banker Commercial, a subsidiary of Cendant Corporation, growing the company to more than 400 offices in less than five years. Anderson is the co-author with Mike Lipsey of the best-selling training programs Commercial Real Estate: How to Buy, Sell and Lease as well as Real Estate: Mastering the Negotiation Process. He also authored Guide to Home Ownership. All series were published by Nightingale Conant. His book Success Strategies for Investment Real Estate published by Prentice Hall is now a classic on the shelves of commercial real estate practitioners.

Anderson was awarded numerous Instructor of the Year awards as well as the prestigious Victor L. Lyon award by the CCIM Institute during his 20 years of teaching the CCIM course curriculum.

Anderson has made presentations on real estate investment to audiences in France, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and all 50 states in the United States. Anderson also has discussed investment real estate on television networks including NBCCBSABC, and PBS, and on more than 250 radio stations.


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